Specialist Programs

At Wanguri Primary School, we offer The Arts and Physical Education as specialist programs across the whole school from Transition to Year 6 based on a 2-year cycle.

The Arts

The arts are as old as humanity. They are part of every culture and central to the diverse and continuing cultures of First Nations Australians. Through the arts, people share stories, ideas, knowledge and understanding. The arts engage our senses and give us ways to imagine, celebrate, communicate and challenge ways of knowing, being, doing and becoming. 

Participating in quality arts experiences and practices enriches our social and emotional wellbeing. It fosters development of our imagination and enables us to reach our creative and intellectual potential. The distinctive languages, knowledges and practices of each arts subject in the Australian Curriculum enable learners to play, explore, question, challenge and imagine new possibilities as they create, embody, design, represent, collaborate and communicate ideas, emotions, observations and experiences.

  • Drama and Media Arts are taught during Odd Years
  • Music and Visual Arts are taught during Even Years

In Year 6, students take part in specialist dance instruction as part of their graduation.