Our School History

Wanguri (Wangurri, Wonguri, Wan:guri) derives its name from the Aboriginal Tribe, one of the relatively small clans of North East Arnhem Land.

The Wanguri people spoke a slightly different dialect from those of their neighbours and their country lay in the area between SE Arnhem Bay and Caledon Bay. Most now live at Yirrkala.

Wanguri Primary School was built as part of the new suburb of Wanguri, developed after Cyclone Tracy.

It was officially opened in March 1976.

The original school logo and colours were developed that year. The ochre colour is immediately recognisable as belonging to the Northern Territory, whilst the original ‘spiderweb’ logo represents the unity of purpose of different groups working in harmony and is a pictorial demonstration of students striving to go from good, to better, to excellent. The lines around the outside of the sun represent good, better and excellent, whilst the sun represents a happy school. This logo was designed by two Year 4/5/6 teachers, Lech Wilkowski and Jocelyn Broyanton.

This logo is maintained within the school as a reminder of the importance of the original school values and goals. The current logo, developed from the five core values of ‘Personal Best’( the motto several years ago), captures current the school community values of the motto ‘be kind’ (to others and yourself), ‘be safe ‘(both physically and emotionally with yourself and others) and ‘be your best’ (or striving to do your best and continually improve).

The current logo, inclusive of a Barramundi, is seen to embody these three values. The Barramundi holds a special significance to the school community and can be seen standing resplendent in the school grounds.